Agronomy 1 Quizzes (agronomy quiz)

Agronomy 1 Quiz

Agronomy 1 Quizzes

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Who is the father of agronomy ?

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Wind break is the 2-3 strips of trees. shrubs and planted to protect fields, home from wind and blowing Soil or Sand, an in which direction it should be planted.

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The stem of a tree or a length of stem or branch after fillings and trimming is called as?

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Indian grassland and fodder research institute is located at ?

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When is wild life day celebrated?

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On Which range of PH Acacia nilatica is grown successfully

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The Tangya system was introduced in india by.

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The main stem of the tree is also known as

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Which part of trees is calleas crown

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The practice of forestry for raising fodder grass with scattered trass, fruits trees and fuel wood trees on suitable wasteland panchayat lands and village commons is called as

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The forest outside the conventional forests.which primarily aim at providing continuous flow of goods and services for the benefit of people this kind of forestry. is known as

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The response to change in day length that enables plants to seasonal changes in their environment, is known as

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  1. Which of the following abiotic factors is essential for good crop production. 

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The total isolation or incoming radiation is measured by which instruments.

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Which method is used for removing the growing point is shade trees to encourage side branches.

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Agronomy is derived from ...... word where Agros meaining field and nomes meaning management

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The study of cultivation of trees, shrubs, and Woody plants for shading and decorating is knows as

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Which tree's word used for packing.

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Tactona grandis is botanical name of Teak, it belongs to which family.

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What is the average age of a culm of a bamboo tree

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